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Hua Sun Tak (HK)Ltd

Hua Sun Tak Ltd is the wholesale distributor of electronic components, switches, relays and products developer of machine tool accessories, infrared receiver first class .As the constant 5-year recommended VIP supplier of and,our company have a leading market position in MOSFET, LED driver IC, DC / DC power management chips .A / D and D / A digital to analog converter chip, voice chip, MCU, FPGA,such as brand of MICROCHIP,CYPRESS,NXP,SPANSION, ADI,ATMEL,SIMCOM, LATTICE, ALTERA,PLX,BCM,XILINX, MICREL,NS, TI/BB, POWER, INTEL, ST, MAXIM,FCI,SAMSUNG, MURATA,DALLAS, CIRRUS, IR/VISHAY HONGFA,OMRON,PANASONIC,; Machine tool accessories and other products, which is widely applied in automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, military, aerospace, precision instruments, lighting, security, household appliances, communication networks and industrial control RF, microwave technology and many other IC areas and CNC machine tools, automation equipment, servo motors, textile machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, elevators, robots, pipe bending machine, bending machine, steel straight machine, testing machine, engraving machine, metallurgy, such as CNC machinery industry.

In order to maximize customers’ purchase time and cost savings, we establish a spot long-term stable of cooperative relations with a number of retailers and agents.

Along with the rapid development of electronic commerce and the increasing demand of the market, based on the professional technology, and taking market demand as guidance, we will create a business systems that improve with the times.

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